What we believe

Christ family chapel international (C.F.C.I.) believes that God is the God of the Natural, the spiritual as well as the visible and the invisible. In man, God joined together the spirit and the body to create the manifestation of His likeness and image. If God is comfortable joining the natural and spiritual together, then we believe that “What God has joined together, let no man (or church) put asunder.” We believe Christianity is not a myth or fable but a practical, pragmatic and enjoyable life ordained by God for all mankind to experience His goodness. As such we seek to make our life in Christ a living reality.

Our Mission

Raising people of intergrity, Power, Faith and Excellence.

To reach mankind with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, through the teaching of the Word of Faith with signs and wonders, as stated in hebrews 2:4

how can we help you?

You can always get in touch with us by calling or writing to us by mail. We respond within 24hours.